In the beginning Our Associate started off as a debt collection agency, at a time when they were none in many parts of the Qatar and Middle east. However, over the years our experience allowed us to network with some of the most experienced agents, lawyers and middlemen in the industry. But despite the growth of the debt collection industry there were few services that were reckoned to be trustworthy.

There were even fewer lawyers that specialized in providing debt recovery consultation and litigation services. It was at this point that we decided to become middlemen for some of the best agencies, to us our experience when it comes to helping people who have debt problems.

Especially chosen expert service

We have made sure that over the years our network comprises of the most experienced and reputed associate lawyers and debt collection services. As a matter of fact, we check every service personally and because we are seasoned experts we know exactly how to evaluate every service prior to including them to our network. So, as our clients you can always be assured of a great service, which is otherwise not possible if you were to search for one on your own.For Debt collection UAE you can visit our website as well.We work in all parts of the world.

The science of debt collection

Our Associate understands the science of debt collection. As experts who have dedicated our lives to collecting debt for people, we understand what gets the job done. In addition, to our network we can use influence in various governments and industries to motivate people to pay you back. This is what has allowed us to recover debt from some of the hardest places for our clients.

Top collection experts

As a service Our Associate are comprised of the most experienced people. But because we do not collect debt on our own, we make sure that the experts we represent follow our strict collection guidelines. Our guidelines assure that our clients identity and good name are always safeguarded through the process.

Reliability matters

Ask anyone who has hired us before and they will tell you that we are far more reliable than anything out there. That said we are easier to communicate with and understand the situation that most of our clients find themselves in. The biggest plus with us is that we are established and reliable debt collection Qatar experts. So, you can be assured that we are not going anywhere!

More About Services

Professional Approach

We have a team of professional Debt collectors and legal consultants who are experienced and works in a professional way. we adopt a professional mechanism to resolve your issues.

Team Work

we believe in team work. We work as a team that is why we are good and produce good results. we admire the input of every individual and our team members that is just because of them that our organization grows and expend our network.


we have efficient and hard working team of advocates and legal consultants. we provide on time legal services. we adopt an efficient strategy to provide legal aid to our customers.

Qatar law firms is one of the best law firms and lawyers marketing agency. Now it's been more then 5 years working with them. i feel lucky to be a part of this organization. they are well mannered efficient and hard working.
Legal consultant
I approach Qatar Law firms for legal aid in Qatar. i am so impressed and very glad to work with them. They are very polite and kind to me. They have a very good team of professional lawyers and legal consultants.
Nazeer Muhammad

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