Alternate Dispute Resolution for Debt Collection

Alternate dispute resolution is a sound way to keep matters out of court. It is important to know especially when it comes to solving debts. One should know it if you are living in an established state.

Debt recovery Dubai agencies have credible expertise and vast knowledge in this regard. Moreover, they know if there are any legal advancements in the rule of the law. This way they can help their clients more efficiently and effectively. 

Ways of Alternate Dispute Resolution

Below are some ways of alternate dispute resolution in the UAE. You need to know this before you take any legal steps. Moreover, it is suggested to take help from a legal consultant before any legal advancements. 


This is the common method of dispute resolution for debt collection. The parties come to negotiations regarding the amount the debtor pays to the creditor. The debtor in this place tries to convince the creditor to settle the debt for a less sum of money. 

In case the creditor is not willing to accept less than what was owed to him, he can try another form of dispute resolution.

  • Mediation 

The aim of approaching mediation in the process of debt collection is that the creditor can receive all the money that the debtor owes to him. Mediation is a similar process to Negotiation. The difference is that the mediator will be a neutral third party. 

If a settlement has been reached, the parties will be asked to sign a settlement agreement. If the settlement is still not reached, the parties can then opt for Arbitration. Debt recovery Dubai agencies are helpful here. 

  • Arbitration 

Arbitration is a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution to settle the dispute outside the Court. The decision out of the arbitration process is legally binding on both parties. The proceedings can be filed by an Arbitrator on behalf of the insurance company. 

A debt collector can begin the proceedings against the debtor by sending an arbitration notice. This agreement will become legally binding on both parties.

Final Remarks

Therefore, if you want any legal advice in this regard, contact debt recovery Dubai agencies. They are there for legal support all over the UAE. They are available in Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi too. 

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