Common Types of Outstanding payments for Businesses in Dubai

Not every business will take on debt, but many companies leverage debt as part of their financial strategy. This means certain types of businesses may have more debt than others, and certain industries may trend higher in a specific category of debt. Debt collection Dubai can help you manage these debts and assist you if the company is dissolved.

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Common Types of Outstanding Debts

There are a few common types of debt that almost every company will encounter.

  • Secured Debt

If a business receives a loan or other credit, like a credit card because of specific assets or liquid collateral, they have secured debt. Though more uncommon than equipment leases and unsecured debt, some businesses can acquire secured credit options. As with equipment leases, secured debt may be reduced by surrendering the security deposit or collateral.

  • Equipment Leases

Businesses that need large equipment and heavy machinery are likely to have equipment leases. Private schools and medical facilities are also familiar with leasing computer equipment and other technology. With equipment leases, businesses can generally return the equipment and lower their financial obligation to the lessor.

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  • Unsecured Debts

Arguably the most common type of debt that companies will have, unsecured debt is any lines of credit, loans, net thirty accounts, or unsecured credit cards a business may have. This can include things like inventory financing debt, as well. Unlike secured debt and equipment leases, the only way to satisfy an unsecured debt is through negotiating with creditors.

Final Remarks

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