Employee Termination in UAE

Every state has its own rule of law; however, the law compromising of rules and regulations is mostly universal. Likewise, there are some particular rules of a workplace that employers need to follow. Employment lawyers in Dubai can conduct training for both employers and employees to ensure efficient and effective working.

If you are one of those UAE residents who lost the job, and clueless on what to do next, you can hire legal assistance. However, before that, you need to know the reasons because of which you might lose the job. Moreover, legal experts can help you avoid these factors as well.

Before you go for further procedure, here are some common causes and the difference between them.

·         Termination

Most of the time termination occurs when an employee is less compatible with another employee. In some cases, the employer may give more favor to another employee which can lead to your termination. Some other reasons for termination can be a failure to meet job expectations, insubordination, attendance issues, etc.

·         Arbitrary Dismissal

When an employee is terminated without a valid reason, it is known as an arbitrary dismissal. The employee mostly never tells about the reason or major logic for which they are terminating a worker. Labour lawyers in Dubai can assist in claiming for those dismissed in this manner.

This way you may claim to higher authorities if the employer has been unfair to you. Also, this will secure your job, or can offer you social security.

·         Redundancy

This case mostly occurs when an employee’s position becomes redundant, as the name suggests. This means that the position no longer exists in the organization. Redundancy may occur because of the closure of an entire department in an organization, the position being replaced by technology.

Moreover, it can also happen when the company decides to get more profits or gain a competitive edge. You can hire legal experts to get more understanding of the subject and seek legal assistance.

Final Remarks

Hence, if you fear losing your job or have already lost it, understanding the reasons for it can be helpful. You can hire labour lawyers in Dubai to register your claim to the law if you find the employer being unfair about your termination. They can help you find a solid reason due to which you lost the job and help you take an action against it.

Thankfully, they offer their services in Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, and other states of the UAE as well.