Enforcement of Debt Collection Processes and Judgments in Dubai

Debt collection Dubai is of high concern in Dubai.  Most of the companies receive much protocol by the owners or creditors when recovering debt.  Most of the time, the creditors specified the rules and give instructions to the debt collector to adopt while transaction.  However, the state has its laws and rules for the process and judgments of debt collection in Dubai.

But there are some reasons behind the issue of enforcement of lawsuits and judgments in Dubai such as initial proceedings, pending applications, provisional solutions, and the judgments of the disputes etc.  

The creditor if fails to recover the money from the debtor, the creditor refers the debt to the third party to sort out the matter.  Normally, the third party recovers the debt tactfully but when it also fails to get back, the case may be filed into a debt collection law department.

The debtor receives a letter by the law firm where all the obligations and regulations mentioned clearly. According to the state laws, the required information and documents must be attached to the letter.  The letter states that the owner of the debt retained the law sector to get involved in this matter of collecting the debt.

The debtor who receives this kind of letter from the law firms can also seek the help of legal advice as well.  Afterward, all the communication will be between the law firms.  If the law firm from debt collection makes an effort to communicate the debtor after appointing the debtor’s law firm, it will be expected as an improper.

Further, if the dispute persists, the creditor’s law firm can file a lawsuit against the debtor to the state where debtor lives.

If the court comments in favor of the creditor then he/she can take steps to collect the debt from the debtor whether by selling his/her property.  If the creditor’s law firm agrees with the judgment of a repayment plan by the debtor’s law firm, then they will avoid taking this action.