Family law Qatar: Marriage and family law in Qatar

Family Law Qatar

Family law Qatar narrates law for Muslim marriages in Qatar. Muslim marriages are performed at a Sharia court, located on Al Rayyan, and all you need is two people to be witnesses to the union. However, Qatari men who want to marry other women who are not Qatari have to be granted permission by the marriage committee.

Family advocates have the task of creating, providing, and coordinating services and activities with families and even communities at large so that they can create a strong foundation for communities and families to prosper. They are involved in enhancing the overall well-being of the society since they also provide support and act as liaisons between families and the government.

If you are looking for family lawyers in Qatar, the first thing you need to know is that there are no civil marriages for non-Muslims in Qatar. However, you can seek the help of a family advocate to help you locate embassies and churches which perform weddings for people who are not citizens of the country. You can also choose to contact your embassy to learn whether they offer these services.

Premarital health screenings are a requirement for all couples seeking to tie the knot in Qatar. Moreover, citizens of Qatar are required to attend pre-marriage counseling and education initiatives where they learn about marriage obligations and the essentiality of family formation before they qualify for a state-granted marriage fund.

Trends in marriages in Qatar

It has been observed that, similar to developed countries, more and more citizens of Qatar are now choosing to get older before they get married. A report by the Social and Economic Survey research institute in conjunction with Qatari University released in 2011 noted that approximately two-thirds of women often get married later in life while some choose not to get married. The main reason behind this is enhanced education on the part of women and the entry of more women in the country’s workforce.  Moreover you may like FAQ of Qatar new law

It is also noteworthy that the age gap between the bride and the groom has reduced from five years to 2 years offer the past few years. Families are also getting smaller, although it is estimated that 80 percent of families have five or more people.

Strengthening Family Cohesion

Family advocates in Qatar have a role to play in enhancing family cohesion. In conjunction with the national development strategy, the Qatari government seeks to develop a Qatari society founded on strong social structures. These two entities support initiatives that seek to:-

  1. Ensure that Qatari families are pillars of development and change in society.
  2. Improve family advocacy that promotes the well-being of all children.

III. Provide support for families so that they can keep progressing.

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