FAQ: Qatar New Law

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FAQs of Qatar New Law

FAQ: Qatar New Law is all about frequently ask questions about Qatar law. here are the most frequently ask questions about Qatar new law. you can find questions and answers about the Qatar new law.

Here are some most frequently ask questions about Qatar new law

Can expatriates change jobs according to new law of Qatar?

Following the new legislation, foreigners are no more required to get permission from their employers to switch jobs. The employee has to complete the tenure mentioned in the contract with the employer. However, the expatriates are bound to give written notice to the employer before the completion of the fixed contract. Expats will inform their employer in advance about his intentions of leaving the job. The duration of submitting a notice varies and depends upon the terms and conditions drafted in the contract and signed by both employer and employees.

In case of open-ended contracts, the expatriates are not required to ask permission or inform the employer before quitting a job. Yet, they will complete the tenure of 5 year service period. A written notice is required for permission before leaving job.

All Expats who are willing to change jobs are also required to get the approval of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs (ADLSA) before joining of new employment.

How are service periods calculated under the new law?

As per the new law, the services period for all the employees will be calculated from the first day of working for employer. This includes the whole period of employment accumulated before enforcement of Law No.21 of 2015.

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How long it takes for ex-pats to return Kuwait and start new employment? 

In Qatar, Expats can come back immediately after the termination of old visa and work permit. As soon, as they get their new visa and granted work permit. However, for workers who are founded guilty in an offensive activity while working previously working for their previous employer. It depends upon the misconduct and the period of suspension.

What is the maximum period to find a new contract after the termination?

The expatriate’s  can stay for three months after termination of the contract. In this period the ex-pats are required to find a new employer. After 3 months if ex-pats are unable to get a contract they will exit Qatar.

 Can expatriates exit Qatar if the exits permit grievances committee unable to contact Employer?

The committee will contact the employer within the next 72 hours of application. if the committee is unable to contact the employer they will issue an exit permit. The applicant will complete the background checks before exit.