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We have made sure that over the years our network comprises of the most experienced lawyers and reputed debt collection full services...

The Science of Debt Collection

Our Associate law firms in Qatar understands the science of debt collection. As experts who have dedicated our lives to collecting debt...

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As a service Our Associate lawyers in Qatar are comprised of the most experienced people. But because we do not collect debt on our...

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Ask anyone who has hired us before and they will tell you about our associate law firms and us that we are far more reliable than anything out there...

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In the beginning Our Associate started off as a debt collection agency, at a time when they were none in many parts..Read More

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Our associate Lawyers in Qatar we connect you to will use the quickest and most efficient methods of Qatar law to recover your debt...


We are not debt collectors ourselves but we network with a number of well-known and experienced debt collection agencies in Qatar. Our job is to make it very easy for people to recover their debts by allowing us to choose the right agency for them. By working as middlemen we take up the hard and often difficult task of finding a reputed agency that can recover your debt.

What does it cost to hire your services?

We charge absolutely nothing upfront, you only pay for the results i.e. when your debt is recovered. Usually its a predefined percentage or a fixed amount that you need recovered. It also depends on how difficult or old the case may be. That said we would certainly like to discuss your case and come to an arrangement that works for everyone.

Do you guarantee that my debtor will pay you?

To start with the debtor does not pay us since we do not collect on your behalf. The debtor will pay the agency who will handle your case. However, we strongly suggest that you mention as much detail about yourself and the nature of the debt so that we can have the right agency with experience handle your case in the most effective manner.

What techniques will be used to recover my debt?

Generally speaking there are a number of methods that can be used which are 100% legitimate in Qatar. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that debt collection takes time and is usually done at varying levels. But we never do what can amount to harassment because that only weakens your case. But the technique used by the debt collector assigned your case will always be in your best interest.

How much can you help me recover?

The goal is to recover your full amount. But that can often be a challenge especially if a dispute is very old or complicated. That said there is no amount of debt that we cannot help you recover, as a matter of fact we urge you to contact us even if you think that the amount is insignificant.

When do you file a lawsuit?

We only recommend filing a lawsuit if we have exhausted all possible debt recovery UAE or Qatar efforts. However, we always discuss the recovery case with you prior to deciding on sending a legal notice.


Phone Debt Recovery

Debt collectors can contact you by phone, letter, email or text message to collect a debt.


Legal Services

Law Firm offering a comprehensive range of legal services to individuals,businesses.

Hard / physical debt collection

Law Firm also provide well trained, skilled debt collectors to assist our clients.

Absconder Tracing and Recovery

Law Firm trace absconders, chase the debt, arbitrate disputes, handle the court procedure.

Automobile Loan Collection

Calling lender,requesting help at first sign of difficulty paying your auto loan stop collection efforts


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