How Employment Lawyer Can Help

Labour lawyers in Dubai deal with the wide-range fields of employment law that protects the rights of employees and employer. The purpose of this is to support both to create a balanced working environment. Employment law covers an excellent diversity of topics like pension plans, retirement, occupational safety & health directives, social action, inequity within the workplace, and harassment. Employment lawyers can educate companies on ways of decreasing their risk of employment lawsuits and on compliance with state and native regulations. They’re also ready to help with the protection of employees whose rights are violated.

Labor laws in UAE were conceived to balance the negotiating power between employers and workers – preventing businesses and unions from doing specific “unfair labor practices” and founding a requirement of both parties to affect one another in straightness negotiation. Labor lawyers in UAE primarily assist with the legal aspect of the connection between businesses and unions. Labor laws afford workers the proper to unionize and make it possible for employers and workers to require part in specific activities (e.g., strikes, protests, seeking injunctions, and lockouts) that aim at having their demands met.
To summarize, labor and employment lawyers assist businesses with the following:
• Examining client employee handbooks, instruction booklets, and policy statements.
• Helping with federal and state wage and hour law matters and arguments.
• presenting in front of courts on the behalf of the employer.

• Giving recommendations on matters concerning according to the law set by the authorities of UAE.
• Standing for companies in unjust labor practice trials before the courts.
• Providing representation for complaint and arbitration hearings under negotiation agreements.
• Collective bargaining on behalf of clients including strategic planning and serving as a representative.
• Counseling on matters concerning strikes or lockouts, and giving relevant litigation support.