How we work

Happens to be one of the toughest jobs but with experience and the right process its possible to recover just about any type of debt. Plus, we never ask for upfront fee, consultation fee, or any other hidden charges. That said in order for us to get the right agency and then monitor your case we need to have our entire system streamlined. Below is a brief description of how our services work.


First step: Initial Discussion


The initial meeting is meant for us to find out more about your current situation. We would also like to find out about your previous attempts at recovering your debt. Knowing all this information is key to understanding your situation and then working out a way to recover your amount. Though we try to ensure that the overall time it takes to discuss and understand your situation is short, at times the meeting can take quite a bit of time and we strongly advise that you bring along any and all relevant documents. After the discussion you then sign an agreement giving a debt collection service the authority to recover the debt on your behalf.




The first step to recovering debt is to call up the debtor. The debt collection agency assigned your case will call up the debtor to brief them about the fact that the case is now with professionals. The first few follow ups are done over the phone which is then followed up by a physical visit until the debt is paid off. Usually, debtors will pay up knowing that they are dealing with professionals. However, if despite the collection agencies best efforts, the debt is not recovered the case can then be escalated to a lawsuit.




Going ahead with a lawsuit is a big step even for debtors. However, it is a crucial step and probably should be used as a last resort. That said the only way to win a lawsuit like this is to have an experienced attorney file a case on your behalf. Though we strongly suggest that we first discuss all the ins and outs of the step prior to proceeding. our first priority is to make a settlement with debtors by negotiations and try to convince him to pay back your debt. if we decide to file a case for your debt then first our advocate will give you a brief update and discuss all aspects with you in detail. we update our client’s about each step we take in their case. we remain in contact with both parties.


Final Step


In most cases a debt collection Dubai agency would have recovered your debt. Once the debt is recovered you will be promptly informed and will be given your money back minus our service charges. The service charges will be equivalent to what we previous agreed upon.