In the UAE, how do debt collectors deal with debtors?

All of the legal systems of Dubai are based on civil law and Sharia. The government decides on all matters, legal or illegal, in court. Nowadays, the creditor does not waste his time bargaining with the debtors to get back his sums rather he turns over his debts to the department of debt collection Dubai. Debt collectors are the persons who adopt various ways, whether they are decent or indecent, to get back their clients’ money.

Loans can be traced back to the last several decades when individuals used to trade services and things in exchange for additional services or goods. However, the entities failed to deliver their services and goods to other parties as promised over time. There was a demand for debt recovery at the time. People devised a variety of methods for resolving unpaid debts.

Later, the government decided to create a number of legal techniques to recover debts, which are now controlled globally. The majority of issues are still resolved by official and legal means in the courts. In Dubai, the courts are developed in a way that can make it easy for them to deal with many types of debtors. There are a few types of debt recovery services in the UAE such as;

  • A lawyer can approach the debtor with all of the available options by using the extrajudicial process. Lawyers attempt to resolve the dispute outside of the courtroom. They make various phone calls and communicate with them via letters, emails, and alerts. If the debtors take no interest or respond in time, then debt collectors get his contact information and reach him to check his solvency condition. If he is in a good position, then the debt collector can settle the matter amicably.
  • If the preceding strategy fails to recover money from debtors, creditors will have to try again, this time using the judicial system to secure restitution.
  • The department of debt collection  Dubai has the authority to settle disputes for a defined length of time. The Act has several limitation periods depending on the type of dispute.