Know About the Adoption Process in the UAE

The adoption of children is available for ex-pat couples that are residents in the country. However, it must only be done outside the UAE with laws of their respective countries applied. Adoptions are not conducted within the jurisdiction of the UAE.

Adoptions that are carried out abroad, fortunately, are accepted. As a result, conditions for adopting a child are based on the national legislation which applies to the parents who are adopting. Dubai lawyers can help you here with their knowledge.

Home Study Program

A home study program is conducted by local authorities. The home study program will involve a psychological test that’s comprehensive with a report that is signed and approved by a licensed psychologist. This will be necessary for presenting eligibility as a potential parent.

The process often takes up to ten weeks as the program will consist of several weekly therapy sessions. The sessions will be used in aiding potential parents to make preparations for adopting children. The program is actually for the benefit of the children and not the parents.

  • Paperwork

While the home study program is being implemented, the family lawyer is hired by adoptive parents will be setting up the adoption paperwork. It is recommended to choose a legal representative. And the one who has already facilitated adopted successfully in the past.

The Dubai lawyers are an incredible source to seek advice from. Especially for families who have experienced problems in the adoption process.

  • Residency Application

Family lawyers in Dubai will help with setting a court date, completing and filing the paperwork, and obtaining exit documentation. When the child returns to the UAE, a residency application will be submitted. This includes an application in the home country of the parents.

  • Adoption for Muslims

Adoption isn’t recognized in Islam, but caring for, fostering, that is considered an orphan or abandoned is allowed. It is encouraged when done with the help of family lawyers. The child will be carrying the name of his/her biological father.

To Finalize

Therefore, if you want to adopt a child in the UAE, it is advised to seek this knowledge beforehand. The Dubai lawyers can help you with their explicit knowledge and expertise. Moreover, they are available all over the UAE.

You can seek their help in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Fujairah as well. This can keep you from further troubles you might have to face otherwise.