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Our associated Lawyers in Bahrain are  working in  judicial system of the state from decades. Bahrain Lawyers and  law firms in Manama,  Bahrain  practice civil law, criminal law and sharia law. The attorneys and legal consultants in Bahrain practice in different judiciary courts. First of all, let’s understand the judiciary system of Bahrain. The legal system of Bahrain consists of civil courts, criminal courts, and sharia courts. Moreover, Bahrain attorneys have a specialty in different areas of Bahrain law. All these systems are working in a parallel way to run the judicial system of the state.

We have a well-reputed associate law firms in Bahrain to give legal consultations in Manama, Bahrain. Our associated civil lawyer, criminal lawyers and sharia lawyers Bahrain provide all sorts of legal help.


Civil lawyers Bahrain


Civil law courts deal with all civil law matters like public, commercial, personal, domestic and criminal cases for non-Muslim. This law deals business and individual disputes in kingdom of Bahrain. civil litigation lawyers provide civil law services to resolve business and commercial disputes. 


Sharia Law Courts


Sharia law courts exist in Bahrain for civil, commercial, family and other legal disputes among the Muslim population of Bahrain. Lawyers of sharia courts practice the cases of the Muslim community in Bahrain.

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Criminal Lawyers Bahrain


Criminal law courts provide verdicts in cases of criminal offense. Involvement in any kind of offensive activity such as drugs, harming a person or property, harassment, murder, robbery, and anti-state activities.

Our Legal Services in Manama Bahrain


Consumer law

Criminal Defense


Estate planning


Real Estate


Bankruptcy Lawyers Bahrain


Our bankruptcy advocates in Bahrain have the ability to provide legal services like Debt relief, foreclosure, debt collection and recovery of unpaid dues. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Manama, Bahrain have major international clients of debt relief, foreclosure, and debt collection.


Consumer Protection 


The consumer protection law of Bahrain protects consumers rights. Furthermore, consumer law set  consumer rights. The purpose of the consumer law is to ensure the health protection of the consumers. The aim of the consumer law is to combat the unfair business in country.   Our associated consumer law advocates know the norms of the law and its obligations. They can provide consumer law services in Bahrain.

Major Sections of consumer law Bahrain are

The Consumer Rights.
The Supplier Obligations.
 The Duties of the Competent Administration in Protecting the Consumer.

 The Rules and Conditions of the Competition and Monopoly, and Breaking the Rules.
 Offences Control and its Dispose.

 General Provisions.


 Employment Attorneys


Employment law Bahrain relates to the employment and labor law disputes in the country.  Our labor and employment lawyers resolve organizational disputes between employers and employees. Consultation in labor disputes, legal contracts, wages, and employment policy.


Litigation and Arbitration Lawyers         


Litigation is set of laws and practices to resolve the issues in the court system. Litigation refers to resolve a dispute through negotiations, arbitration, and mutual understanding to settle a dispute. Normally, litigation is considered to be applicable in tort cases. However litigation can be used in contested divorce cases and eviction proceedings.  our litigation attorney Bahrain will look into your case whether  to resolve it with litigation. Most of the cases get resolved before going inside court room. 



Civil Law Bahrain


Contact us for civil lawyers and law firms in Manama Bahrain for civil litigation lawyers. Our associate legal councils have resolved many cases in Manama Bahrain. Moreover, with international exposure and arbitration, our lawyers have helped out their clients in many cases such as commercial law, civil law, corporate law, criminal law banking, and finance law, labor disputes, and corporate law.