Consult lawyers in Doha Qatar

Lawyers in Qatar

Consult  Lawyer in  Qatar

We are immensely pleased to tell that now you can consult  free lawyers in Doha Qatar. It is an appreciable step taken by Qatar University to consult an advocate in Qatar. It is very good news for those who require legal help. Good initiative by Qatar University law division.

The aim of this initiative is to provide legal services in the pro bono cases. The purpose of this initiative is to look after those with low incomes. Law clinic works in collaboration with leading Qatar lawyers and law firms to uphold these cases and provide free legal consultation.

Free of charge cases were just practice by attorneys of Qatar University. Most of the cases are based on Child custody, labor; marriage and divorce are handled by them since last few months. Aim of this legal aid is to help women, children, and labor who cannot hire a lawyer for themselves. They also work for special persons in Qatar.

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Qatar University 


This initiative is about to play a role in the interest of society. This will provide aid to less fortunate people and will raise the harmony in Qatar society. It is one of the most appreciable steps toward peaceful Qatar. Qatar university can provide free lawyers in Doha Qatar for those who can not afford a lawyer.


 process  consultation with lawyers                            


As stated earlier process is quite simple and we will discuss it in brief to get a lawyer for your case.

  • Applicant should visit law clinic
  • No need to bring documents as proof of penniless
  • Your case will be submitted for approval
  • You will be informed about the approval of case
  • If the case is approved a legal assistant will be assigned to regulate a legal plan


Free Legal Assistance

Even they can submit your case to a law firm that deals in such cases. Many law-firms provide their legal aid free of charge cases. Law Students of Qatar University are working closely with lawyers and professional law firms in these cases. Students are working in these cases to find a reliable solution.