Limited Contracts in Terms of Employment

Once you are chosen for a job, the next step is to create a contract between an employee and an employer. There are various types of contracts while you finalize the deal of getting a job in a firm. The employment lawyers in Dubai can help you understand the limited contract in terms of employment and how to create it as well.

Understanding Limited Employment Contracts

·         Specific Period

A limited contract is self-explanatory by the name given to it and the information required in it. It is a contract of employment intended to exist for a specific period. These contracts have a start date, and an end date mentioned, and the contract will automatically terminate after the end date.

·         Early Termination Compensation

If an employee wants to terminate the limited contract on an earlier date, as per the UAE labor law, there are some laws for it. They need to pay the employer an early termination compensation which is half of the three months’ remuneration. Further, a labor ban will be imposed on the employee.

This will restrict him from working elsewhere for a period of six months to one year. Under certain circumstances, the ban can be lifted and the employee can resume his employment elsewhere such as hiring an employment lawyer in Dubai.

·         Remuneration

Sometimes, an employer wants to terminate a limited contract on an earlier date. Then, as per the UAE labor law, they need to pay the employee an ‘early termination compensation’ of a minimum of three months’ remuneration.

To Finalize

Hence, whenever you decide to apply for the job, you need to understand the contracts beforehand. The employment lawyers in Dubai can help you do that with their extensive knowledge. Their services are available in Ajman, Sharjah, Ajman, and other states of the UAE.