The procedure to submit the claim statement in UAE

Part of family legal advisor in the proclamation of Claim

The assertion of the Claim is summarized by the Claimant or the family lawyer in UAE. The assertion of guarantee has yet to be recorded as a hard copy and should be in the Arabic verbal correspondence. The assertion of guarantee ought to involve the accompanying certifications that are recorded underneath:

  • The names of the gatherings
  • The region
  • Addresses of the gatherings close to their telephone numbers
  • The formally allowed reason for the case alongside the solicitation and request of the petitioner
  • The assertion of guarantee is an outline of current realities and leads the way further into the cycle.

How you present the Claim to the Family court?

The assertion of Claim is, then submitted to the Family Court through an online framework. After the case is recognized by the Case Management Department at the Family Court, the case is purposeful. Following this, the court may request the inquirer for extra clarification from the submitted guarantee which may incorporate an explanation of current realities, or the contact subtleties of the gatherings or some other data the Court believes is fundamental for the case to result to the subsequent stage in the Family Court measure.

Most requesting part: Notification Process

The notice interaction is, conceivably the most requesting part of the procedures for the petitioner. The warning cycle is delayed and tedious and can take up 30% to 40% of the hour of the case. This time can be someplace as long as four months.

Trade of Memos

Resulting in the notice of the gatherings, the course of trading updates begins. The early notice is proposed by the Claimant or his family lawyers in Dubai to the court.