Types of Advocacy

Three types of Advocacy

types of Advocacy

Advocacy involves working for a cause, promoting a Moto,
and working for a cause. Advocates provide legal help to people. Advocates are
legal person who have well enough knowledge of law. There are three types of advocacy
self-advocacy, individual advocacy, and system Advocacy.


Self-advocacy refers to get an individual interest
by communicating effectively, negotiate, argue and convey to get his /her
interests and rights in an effective way.

Self-advocacy is all about assessment of own
strengths and legal rights. Self-advocacy is setting a goal and knowledge about
legal rights. The purpose of self-advocacy is to communicate effectively and share
the needs and desires. It is all about speaking for you.

Individual Advocacy

Individual advocacy refers to communicate on the
behalf of an individual or group of people. The process of individual advocacy
is to argue, communicate, and convey the message of an individual or group of
people to get their legal rights.

Individual advocacy is all about becoming a voice
for someone. Providing services to someone who is in need to get his
fundamental rights in an effective way

System Advocacy

System advocacy is set of rules to guide and provide
policy to organizations to run the policies in an effective way. In this type
of advocacy the organizations appoint an experienced advocate who can guide
them in a better way for policy making.

Main aim of the system advocacy is to get the interests
of the organizations in an effective way.

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