Different Types of lawyers

Different Types of Lawyers you should know

Every year thousands of students enroll in law schools to study law and choose it as a profession in the future. Lawyers play an important role in society. The lawyer’s responsibility is to get justice for everyone. If you want to become a lawyer in your future and want to adopt it as a profession then you need to know about different types of lawyers
For public every lawyer is a person who practices law in courts who know about the law. it is only one side of a picture when we look deep into it certain advocates deals cases that belong to a specific area of law. Legal adviser does not practice every kind of case. Let’s discuss it in brief

Education & License Requirements of Lawyers

The primary educational requirements are the same for all lawyers in most of the countries. To become a lawyer, you must complete three years of law education from law school. In many schools, you have to take compulsory subjects assigned by faculty during your first year of school.
In the second and third year, you should take compulsory subjects, but you can have a choice to select a few subjects. On the base of these subjects, you can select a specific law field that becomes your specialty. For example financial law, civil law, criminal law, family law. Here students take courses of their interest to choose it as a profession.

The Profession as a paralegal

Paralegals are not lawyers though they have a very important position in the legal system. Hence they don’t have a law school certificate but they have another profession of legal services. In America, there is no educational requirement to become a paralegal, for those who are interested in law and cannot afford law school fees want to save money and time then paralegal is the best option for them. Although they pass bar exams and get a certificate from the State Bar Council.
It is the responsibility of paralegal to assist lawyers. There are different responsibilities of a paralegal some of them assist in administrative support like taking court dates, drafting a case, documentation of all legal papers, sending notices. Other responsibilities are medical reports summarizing drafts and legal research for cases studying different relevant cases and court judgments given in related cases.

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Professional Lawyers

Professional lawyers are those who went to a law school and complete a law course from registered law schools of the state. They get a license from the state which permits them to prosecute cases in court. Professional lawyers attend hearing in the courts and practice law.

Financial Lawyers

Financial lawyers study financial law and related clauses in high school. They get knowledge of all financial legal matters. They practice financial legal cases in courts

Family Lawyers

Family lawyers practice all domestic affairs. family lawyers deals in child adoption, divorce, marriage, state inheritance issues. The study family law in deep and have full knowledge of all the aspects of domestic law cases.