Ways to Deal with Returned Cheques

You may get cheques returned by the bank after you want to get cash through the cheque. However, you must find a solution to this problem, otherwise, this might leave a bad impact on your cash flow. Debt collection Dubai agencies are there for your support and help.

Ways to Deal with It

Below are some ways to deal with the returned cheques in the UAE. You need to know them before you take any legal steps. Moreover, it is advised to take help from a legal assistant before you take any legal steps.

  • Filing Lawsuits

Article 599 of the Commercial Transactions Laws prohibit the issuance of a cheque. Unless the drawer of the cheque has sufficient funds available in the drawee bank account to honor the cheque. The creditor will also be entitled to request a statement from the drawee bank.

To present as evidence in any future legal action taken against the drawer. 

  • Specific Time

The cheque is considered payable as of the date written on the cheque. It is the date of issue, and, per Article 617 of the Commercial Transactions Law, the cheque cannot be presented before this date. Furthermore, as stated in Article 618 of the Commercial Transactions Law.

The cheque be must be presented for payment within six months from the date of issuance. Debt collection Dubai agencies can help you with that through their vast knowledge and expertise.

  • Limitation Period

Article 638 of the Commercial Transactions Law provides that the legal proceedings taken by the bearer. Against the drawer will not be accepted after two years from the expiration date. It is of the period specified for the submission of the cheque. 


Therefore, if you need legal help in this regard, you should contact debt collection Dubai agencies. They are available all over the UAE for your legal support and help. Moreover, they provide their services in Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi as well.