what are Lawyers, attorneys, and advocates?

Difference between lawyer, advocate, and attorney

What is a lawyer

The term “Lawyer” is generally used for anyone who is involved in a legal profession. Normally a lawyer is anyone who has some knowledge about the law. A person who attended a law school, or got a degree of Bachelor in (LLB). What does it sense if you are only a lawyer let me explain it in a broad spectrum? Every year thousands of students passed out from law schools getting degrees in law, though they become a lawyer. But it is not enough to get your degree and start practicing at courts.
To become a professional advocate and represent your client in the court of law you must have the qualification and legal training before going into the courtroom. While you have a degree you can only work as a legal adviser or may give legal counsel.

What is an Attorney?

After completing basic education of law you will be assigned to write practical Articles and complete your internship. with an attorney who is currently practicing law. you will work with a senior attorney for a specific period.
After completing your articles and internship working with an attorney you will appear in a Board Exam. The ministry of law conduct exam of applicants who are eligible. Candidates must pass this exam to apply for the high court license. It is compulsory to pass your exam for the license of practicing in a court of law.
An attorney can work as a patent attorney, a litigator and more. Attorneys can represent their clients in courts. It is important to mention here that all attorneys are lawyers but all lawyers are not attorneys.

What is an Advocate?

Advocates are a well experienced and professional lawyer. An Advocate is a legal person who works for several years in the field of law and has a good knowledge of the law. Advocates do not engage directly with clients and present their clients in the court of law.
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Generally, attorneys refer their clients to a good and well-experienced advocate Normally people confuse these terms lawyers, attorneys, and advocates with one another but there are several tiers of legal professionals and they all work in a specific field of law. they have different responsibilities and job positions
We can say that term lawyers are generally used for everyone who gets a law degree and attend a law school.
Attorneys are those who work with a professional legal expert and complete his internship of practicing law at courts.
While Advocate is a legal professional and has a vast experience of law. they get their license from bar counsel and are legally permitted to represent their clients.