What should a lawyer expect from its client?

Here are some pointers on what to expect from your lawyer. Your lawyers in Dubai should:

1. Offer you straight, frank advice;

2. Explain your case’s strengths and weaknesses, including possible outcomes based on facts and your recommendations on how to proceed.

3. Keep you informed and obedient to your instructions, within the legal boundaries;

4. Defend and protect you to the best of his or her ability and to the utmost extent permitted by law;

5. Do not represent any other client whose interests conflict with yours while serving you;

6. Provide you with copies of any correspondence and documents relevant to your case if you request them;

7. Provide an itemized bill for all services rendered and all expenses made on your behalf.

The lawyer in UAE will expect you to do the following:

1. Be on time for court dates and appointments;

2. Inform him or her of how to contact you. Notify your attorney whenever your address, phone number, or place of employment changes; and

3. Be honest about your condition, even if it is embarrassing to do so. Remember that anything you say to an attorney in private will be kept secret. Your lawyer in Dubai will treat even confessions to past crimes or criminal behavior as confidential. Plans for future offenses, and ongoing criminal behavior, as well as the attorney’s belief that you have or will cause injury to a child, are the only exceptions to this rigorous secrecy requirement. The statute requires attorneys to report suspected child abuse.

4. Do not omit any crucial facts from the dialogue that could jeopardize your situation. Discrediting you is a popular approach used by the opposing party. As a result, it’s critical that you completely divulge everything that could be used against you later in the proceedings. Understand that even though the facts are on your side, the situation could alter if later information emerges that gives the other party an advantage because this information was not provided to the lawyer earlier.