Why Does the Breach of Property Contract Occur?

The property contracts are considered a serious legal matter all around the UAE. The lawyers and the parties, both are very careful while establishing a contract between two parties. However, sometimes there are some unfortunate conditions due to which the contract is ended before it was planned.

To avoid these conditions, you may involve the corporate lawyers in Dubai to have a smooth binding contract. They can help in the legal procedure as well as keep you from all the nuisance you might face without legal assistance. Moreover, their services are easily available in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and other states of the UAE.

Common Reasons for the Breach of Contract

Below are some common reasons that are most likely to lead you to the breach of the property contract.

  • Time Limitations

One of the prevailing reasons, in this case, can be the time limits imposed by the law. By this, it is meant that there are certain deadlines in which the case must be brought and filed. The breach of contract can be void if the defendant can prove that the time limit has expired.

These time limits are mostly based on the time frames that are set by local laws. Therefore, time limits have a great role in the breach of contract.

  • Mistakes

Another very common reason for the breach of property contracts can be the errors committed. If the defendant can prove that both the parties made a mistake in the subject matter, then it can invalidate the contract. Corporate lawyers in Dubai can help you in the understanding of these legal mistakes and let you know how to avoid them.

  • Fraud

Fraud is quite a common concept and is found in almost all the legal matters. Fraud is considered to be the misinterpretation of truth and concealment of the material facts by anyone in the contract. This is done to induce others to act upon his or her intended plan.

However, if the defendant provides the proof of fraud attempted, then the contract is breached. Moreover, the defendant must establish that the fraud was deliberate.


Hence the contract of property can be breached in the case of any of the above things committed. However, if you want to avoid them, it is advised to hire corporate lawyers in Dubai who are available all over the UAE. Moreover, they can help you if you are found to be the victim of any of these conditions.